Press Reviews

Some of her concert reviews of her violin performances appeared in the National Dailies:

Kalyani Shankar was quite enthusiastic in her responses to the vocalist. Kalyani enlightened the listeners with her neat presentation of ragas, niraval and swaras.
     -The Hindu, 17th Oct 2008 by G.Swaminathan (Concert of Padma Chandilyan)

Kalyani Shankar on the violin was very brisk and articulate in framing the sancharas.
  -The Hindu, 31st Dec 2004 by Lalithaa Krishnan

Violin accompaniment by Kalyani Sankar was supportive and she played attractive phrases in Todi and Ranjani.
  -The Hindu,24th December 2004 by SR Giridhar(concert of Saketharaman. )

The response of the violinist, Kalyani Shankar, was refined and enriching, particularly in playing the Karaharapriya alapana.
 -The Hindu, 29th November 2002 by SVK(Concert of Lakshmi Rangarajan)

Kalyani Shankars melodious violin support matched the artiste in every respect.
     -The Hindu, 11th January 2002 (Concert of Subha Ganesan)

Kalyani accompanied with great understanding.
     -The Hindu , 28th December 2001(Concert of Vijayalakshmi Subramaniam)

Kalyani Shankar in her solo rendered heartwhelming phrases in vasantha and karaharapriya.
     - The Hindu 22nd December 2000 by SVK (Concert of Gayathri Girish )